Some of the words used on this site might be new to you. We’ve listed some explanations in our Glossary help you understand what we’re talking about.

Resilience: The ability to bounce back from difficulties
Or, as the boingboing definition of resilience puts it:
Beating the odds whilst also changing the odds


Wellbeing: Being comfortable with yourself, healthy and happy. Different things will make different people feel comfortable, healthy or happy so wellbeing might not mean the same for everyone.


Mental health: Good mental health is when a person feels well enough to fulfil their potential, cope with the normal stresses of life, be able to work productively, and make a contribution to their community. So if someone is struggling with their mental health, it means they are struggling with these things. Good health isn’t just the absence of disease, it’s when we actually feel good physically, mentally and socially.

Mindfulness: Being able to enjoy the present and feel calm or at peace, rather than anxious or preoccupied with the stresses of life.


CAMHS: The CAMHS team in Lewisham step in when your GP, school, family or friends aren’t enough and you need some extra help.

The types of problems CAMHS can help with include violent or angry behaviour, depression, eating difficulties, low self-esteem, anxiety, obsessions or compulsions, sleep problems, self-harming and the effects of abuse or traumatic events. CAMHS can also diagnose and treat serious mental health problems such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.


Emotions: Emotions often feel like a rollercoaster. They can take you up or down with such speed and intensity that it can be hard bringing them under control. But you can learn how to manage them so they don’t feel out of control.

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