Headstart Lewisham is an initiative, funded by the Big Lottery, to improve the emotional wellbeing of 10-16 year olds in the borough.

It is a local partnership made up of young people, community and voluntary organisations, NHS services and schools, united by a shared goal: to equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need to cope effectively with life’s challenges.

Find out more about Headstart Lewisham’s range of innovative projects and events here.

Our story/Get involved

At HeadStart Lewisham we invited a group of 10 to 14 year olds, parents, carers, youth workers and local celebrities to talk about the challenges of growing up in the borough.

Our conversation formed the basis of the Work It Out! interactive resource, designed to empower young people, parents and professionals with the tools needed to build resilience in their lives.

Our three films feature inspirational local role models, talking about what resilience means to them. You can watch the films here.

We’ve also designed lesson plans to be used in tandem with the films. You can download the lesson plans here.

Our workshops resulted in an Insight Report which highlighted the areas young people felt most adversely affected by in the borough:

  • Crime, gang violence and safety
  • Absent parents and broken homes
  • Difficult transitions, such as changing school or moving house
  • Lack of opportunities.

You can download our insight report here.

To find out more how you as a young person, parent or professional working with young people can get involved, contact: headstart@lewisham.gov.uk